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As the premier real estate team, now serving Illinois & Wisconsin, Black Castle Properties' mission is to set the industry standard and build a lasting relationship with our clientele. Our team exceeds your individual needs by providing exceptional service throughout the home buying and selling experience.

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The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Home In Winter

One of the most common questions people ask themselves is if it’s better to buy a home in winter or summer. The answer? It depends! There are advantages and disadvantages of buying during both

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Why Finished Basements Add Value To Your Home

Finished basements add a lot of value to your home! They provide a great space for a family room, media room, office, or guest suite. And they can be used in any season. Basement projects are often

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How To Find The Best Snow Removal Tool For Your Home

Snow removal is one of the most dreaded things we do each winter. Whether it's shoveling, power-sanding, or hiring a professional company to handle the job, snow removal can be a difficult and time

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Do Fireplaces Add Value To Your Home

A fireplace is a great addition to any home, as it provides an inviting and cozy atmosphere for your family and friends. But do these fixtures actually increase the value of your home?A study from

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