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As the premier real estate team, now serving Illinois & Wisconsin, Black Castle Properties' mission is to set the industry standard and build a lasting relationship with our clientele. Our team exceeds your individual needs by providing exceptional service throughout the home buying and selling experience.

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New Construction Buyers Say They Need Agents Too

With lumber prices starting to drop, and more than likely getting back to normalized rates, we should see an increase in new home construction. Mortgage rates are still very low and a great

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Pros And Cons Of Flipping An Old Home

We all see the tv shows on HGTV or a few other stations that showcase house flippers with their before and after renovations of older homes. A lot of the time at the end we find out their profits on

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Leveraging Real Estate Technology Consumers Now Expect

One of the lasting benefits now from Covid-19 is that we have embraced and progressed with the use of digital communication. The use of digital communication has allowed us more free time as

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Understanding The Different Priorities Of FirstTime Vs Repeat Buyers

The mass majority of millennials are reaching their peak home buying years, and with this we see the increase in the amount of first time home-buyers. Not all home-buyers are the same, and this is

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